iOS mode

Gametel supports several modes to be able to work with different platforms.
Press the Start button and the action button indicated below when you start the Gametel to enter the iOS mode

Switch keyboard

In iOS mode you can switch between the Gametel and the on-screen keyboard by pressing Select and Start.


There are some games available with iCade support. Click here to see the list of recommended games


iOS 4 and above

iOS app

Download the iOS app today including all compatible games and a manual. Go to iTunes AppStore
  1. Getting started

  2. 1. Start your Gametel in iCade mode. Change mode
  3. 2. Go into Settings
  4. 3. Choose General
  5. 4. Choose Bluetooth
  6. 5. Make sure that Bluetooth is ON. Choose Gametel when it appears.
  7. 6. Done!

  1. An Example - No Gravity

  2. 1. -Start the Gametel and make sure that Bluetooth is started
    -Start No Gravity.
  3. 2. You need to enable Arcade mode in the game to make it possible to use the Gametel.
  4. 3. Choose options.
  5. 4. Choose input setup
  6. 5. Choose arcade
  7. 6. Tap the enable button and make sure that the label switches from OFF to ON.
  8. 7. Done!